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eCAL Troubleshooting

Important information about updates: After installing eCAL from your CD and before connecting your eclips to your computer, it is important to update the software to the most recent version to avoid any issues with the first release of eCAL (version 1.0). Updates can be found online at

Once eCAL is installed, use the activation code found inside the front flap of your CD package to activate, register and download the eCAL update. The update will download as an installer package that should be opened and run with eCAL closed.

Q: eCAL isn’t recognizing my eclips. What do I do?
A: First, make sure to install and update eCAL before connecting the eclips to your computer, and avoid installing any default Windows drivers for the eclips. Updates can be found online at and can be downloaded using the serial number included with your copy of eCAL. If you are already up to date:

  1. Check all of the connections. Always turn the eclips on AFTER connecting and off BEFORE disconnecting.
  2. Turn off the eclips, unplug the USB cord, unplug the eclips power source, plug the power source back in, plug the USB cord back in, and turn on the eclips.
  3. Try a different USB port if you have one.
  4. See if the correct driver was installed (Windows versions). Some versions of Windows will install their own drivers instead of the proper eCAL drivers included with the program. With the eclips off and disconnected, select Install Driver from the Help menu. This should install the correct driver for your eclips. If this doesn’t work, you may have to uninstall any drivers Windows has assigned to your eclips/USB port.
  5. Check the included Help file in the eCAL Help menu or contact customer support.

Q: eCAL has stalled. What should I do?
A: For Windows, press ctrl + alt + delete for access to the Windows Task Manager. From here you can force quit eCAL. For Mac, press command + option + esc for access to the Force Quit window. Usually your work will be recovered when you open eCAL again. Make sure your software is up to date and try closing any other programs that might be causing problems.

Q: Why can’t I open certain files?
A: Either the file type is not supported, or it was generated with eCAL 1.0 before it was updated. If it is the latter, you may still be able to open it and export the shapes as SVGs before updating your software, which should resolve the problem.

Q: Why are there odd score lines appearing on my mat when I cut?
A: Check your blade height and pressure/score pressure settings. Some cutters using earlier versions of eCAL will experience blade drag while cutting. This issue should be resolved with the current update. If not, the issue may be with the cutter.

Q: Why is Trace Image taking so long?
A: The image being used is likely too large. Try reducing the size of the image before importing to eCAL for tracing.

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