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Q: Does eCAL come with Print2Cut capabilities?
A: Yes, eCAL comes with Print2Cut. It uses two or three-point registration to align your cuts to the image you choose to print with your home printer.

Q: Does eCAL include eclips cartridge shapes?
A: eCAL does not come standard with eclips cartridge shapes. However, cartridges will continue to be offered separately.

Q: Can eCAL print and/or cut photos?
A: Yes. With any home printer, eCAL can print any image file you can load onto the virtual mat. This means you can scan your photos, print them out and cut them, or even cut the original photo when properly aligned.

Q: Does eCAL include updates and support?
A: Yes, eCAL includes online software updates and support to address any software issues that might arise. Additional features may be included in upgraded versions. New projects, tutorials and other content will also be made available online.

Q: Can I use my own artwork?
A: Yes, you can use either the built-in trace feature for your image files, or you can use any graphics software that turns your artwork into cut lines with SVG or PDF formatting. You can also use the eCAL drawing tools to manually trace or create original shapes.

Q: Can I use artwork from my other cutting machine?
A: Yes, as long as it is available in SVG, PDF or SCUT format. Many of these are also available online.

Q: Do I have to open an account or otherwise be online in order to use eCAL?
A: No account is needed to run eCAL or the eclips. Internet access is required to activate your software upon installation, as well as for registration, updates or online support. In addition to activating your software, be sure to register to receive updates and retrieve your serial number in case it becomes misplaced or lost.

Q: Does eCAL use the eclips Handheld Remote Control?
A: eCAL does not use the Handheld Remote Control, but allows the cutter to connect directly to your computer via USB.

Q: Can I install eCAL on more than one computer?
A: Each eCAL license allows the purchaser two installations. For example, one on your laptop and one on your desktop, or one on your Mac and one on your PC.

Q: Does eCAL work on other cutters?
A: eCAL does not work on cutters other than the Sizzix eclips Electronic Shape-Cutting Machine.

Q: Does eCAL cut score lines and draw like the eclips does?
A: Yes, eCAL was specifically designed to include all the functions of the eclips Handheld Remote Control and more.

Q. If I lose my copy of eCAL, can I get another?
A. Yes, you can download a new copy from using your serial number. If you lost your serial number, you can retrieve it using the email address you used to register, so be sure to register when you install eCAL.

Q: Can I share my designs with friends?
A: Yes, you can save and share anything you create on eCAL with your friends.

Q: Can I buy a multi-user license?
A: Currently, CraftEdge does not offer multi-user licenses.

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