Lion Pencil Holder

Project #12188

Keep extra pencils on hand in a Lion pencil holder.

Supplies Used: Adhesive, Cardstock, Construction paper, Crayons, colored markers or pens, Dried black-eyed peas or beans, Scissors, Stir or craft stick

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Die-cut the Cube 3-D using cardstock. Fold in the same direction on all the perforations.
  2. Place adhesive on the folded side tab. Overlap the opposite side and press firmly. Close the bottom of the Cube.
  3. Place adhesive on the inside of the side tabs. Fold the tabs down inside and press firmly.
  4. Leave the top flap up to glue the Lion in place. Fill the Cube with dried peas or beans.
  5. Die-cut the Lion #2 using light and dark yellow paper. Leave the light-yellow Lion whole.
  6. Adhere scraps of various colored paper behind the mouth, nose and ears of the darker yellow Lion.
  7. Use crayons or markers to add detail on the perforations around the Lion's face and mane (Main Photo).
  8. Trim along the perforations of the dark yellow Lion to separate the mane and the tip of the Lion's tail from the body of the Lion.
  9. Place adhesive on the back of the trimmed embellished face and tip of the tail and attach both to the light-yellow Lion.
  10. Place adhesive on the back of the embellished Lion and attach to the Cube and flap (Main Photo).
  11. Trim the top flap of the Cube to fit the finished edge of the Lion.
  12. Die-cut two Caption Boxes and write a message on the front of one Caption Box and on the back of the other Caption Box.
  13. Place adhesive on the back of the Caption Boxes, and sandwich a stir or craft stick between the two Caption Boxes.
  14. Fill the embellished Cube with dried peas. Place the stir stick and extra pencils into the peas (Main Photo).

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