Journey T-Shirt

Project #12726

Every dad is different. But one thing is the same for all fathers: the journey matters. Take time out to pause and celebrate life's little moments with this classic Journey T-Shirt.

Other Supplies: Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Stamp Base, Fabric, Fusible Web, Iron, Plain T-shirt, Poly Foam, Roller Brush, Sewing Machine (Optional), Toothbrush

Die-cut Gadget Gears and the Weathered Clock from thicker poly foam. Attach to acrylic stamp base. Roll acrylic paint onto stamp image and impress onto shirt. Repeat as desired. Use an old toothbrush to splatter shirt with acrylic paint. Set aside to dry. Adhere fusible web to fabric. Die-cut the word 'Journey' from fabric. When paint is dry, attach to T-shirt by peeling back the paper and ironing in place. Stitch in place, if desired.

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