Pumpkin Table Favor #2

Project #12990

Get ready to fall for an incredible table favor. Using the Bigz Pumpkin Jack Die from the Tim Holtz Alterations Fall and Halloween collection, you can create all sorts of charming creations for Halloween and Harvest Day celebrations. Imagine all the decorations, cards and scrapbook pages you can complete!

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Acorns, Craft Knife, Decorative Straight Pins, Glitter, Hot-glue Gun, Ink, Mat Board, Old Paperback Book, Ribbon, Spray Bottle, Wooden Dowel

Die-cut Pumpkin Jack out of mat board. Cut the Pumpkin in half lengthwise. Remove the cover of a paperback book. Align the flat side of the Pumpkin with the spine of the book. Using the Pumpkin as a guide, use a sharp craft knife to cut away the outside of each page until all pages have been cut into silhouette of half a pumpkin. Using a spray bottle with an ink-and-water mixture, lightly spray pages with a mist until the desired color is achieved. When the pages are dry, use hot glue to glue a painted wooden dowel to the spine of the book, wrapping the spine around the dowel, allowing the pages to fan out. Tie a ribbon around the top of the stick. Die-cut Vine w/Leaves out of colored cardstock, embellish with glitter and adhere to the top of the Pumpkin. Embellish the tops of two store-bought acorns with glitter and adhere to the Pumpkin. Embellish with decorative straight pins.

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