Celebrate the Journey Card

Project #13010

Journeys can be bright and beautiful, and so can your next project. Sizzix Dies designed by Vintaj create the perfect accents for your next inspiring messaging.


Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Bead, Hole Punch, Ink, Markers, Printed Sentiment, Ribbon, Twine, Vintaj Filigree Bead Cap

Cut a piece of cardstock to size and fold to form card base. Ink the edges of the card. Cut a piece of patterned paper to fit across the card front and adhere. Embellish the card front around the patterned paper with markers. Print a sentiment onto cardstock, trim to size and attach to the card front. Wrap a ribbon around the card and tie in a bow. Emboss a Vintaj Natural Brass Altered Metal blank using the Butterfly Swirls DecoEmboss die. Buff with the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised design. Punch a hole at the bottom of the blank. Embellish the top of the blank with twine. Embellish the bottom of the blank with a bead and Vintaj Filigree Bead Cap strung onto a head pin and attached with a jump ring.

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