Fluttering Wings Gift Box

Project #13011

And along came another great idea! It's amazing what Vintaj DecoEtch Dies can do. Follow the directions below to create this masterpiece or use your imagination with your own personalized version.

Other Supplies: Patterned Paper, Burlap, Button, Fibers, Paper Doily, Velvet Leaves

Die-cut Match Box out of patterned paper, fold along crease lines and assemble. Cut paper doily in half and adhere in place on the Box. Emboss a Vintaj Natural Brass Altered Metal blank using the Fluttering Wings DecoEtch die. Buff with the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised, etched surface. Attach to the Box along with velvet leaves, a strip of burlap, fibers and a clear button backed with printed paper. Die-cut 3-D Flowers from cardstock and assemble. Ink the edges of the Flower and adhere to the Box.

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