Winter Snowflake Bag

Project #13038

Set the perfect winter scene with this treat of a bag. The eclips Machine and Albums, Bags & Boxes Cartridge #2 help create an unforgettable design with an artful assist from an Ink-its Letterpress Plate and a Sizzlits Die to complete the project.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Adhesive, Button, Glitter, Glue Dots, Ink, Ribbon, Watercolor Paper

  1. Cut a Scallop Bag from colored Cardstock using the eclips machine and Albums, Bags & Boxes Cartridge #2.
  2. Fold along score lines and assemble the Box.
  3. Apply silver ink to the letterpress plate, carefully place a strip of white watercolor paper on top of the plate and deboss the image onto the paper.
  4. Remove the paper and let the ink dry.
  5. Adhere the strip to the front of the Box.
  6. Apply adhesive to a piece of white cardstock.
  7. Die-cut a Snowflake out of the adhesive cardstock.
  8. Peel away backing and apply silver glitter to the Snowflake.
  9. Adhere Snowflake to the front of the Box using a glue dot.
  10. Embellish with ribbon and a decorative button.

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