Southern Fields Earrings

Project #13242

Wear your designs proudly. Sizzix DecoEmboss Dies make jewelry the way it was meant to be: stylish and easy. Imagine the personalized accessories and affordable gifts you can create. Better yet, you design the experience!

Other Supplies: 10mm 5-Petal Pierced Bead Cap (Vintaj Item#ABC0002), 22mm x 12.5mm Copper Small Rectangle Blank (Vintaj Item#CHW0002R) (CHW0002), 4.75mm Arte Metal Jump Ring (Vintaj Item#AJR0001R) (AJR0001), 7.5mm Pinwheel Washer (Vintaj Item#HW0061), 1/8" Nail Head Rivets (Vintaj Item#RV0001), Vintaj Glaze (Vintaj Item# VPK34834), 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers (Vintaj Item# V-PLHP15-SH), Steel Bench Block (Vintaj Item# V-BB44), Rubber Dampening Block (Vintaj Item# V-RDB1249), 4-oz. Ball Pein Hammer (Vintaj Item# V-HAM01)

Emboss two Copper Large Rectangle Vintaj Metal blanks using the Moonlit Night DecoEmboss die. Buff with the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised designs. Hammer two Copper Large Rectangle Vintaj Natural Brass Altered Metal blanks to add texture. Buff with the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised designs. Punch or drill a hole at the bottom of each textured blank. Punch two holes per textured blank. Rivet a flattened Petal Pierced Bead Cap and a Pinwheel Washer to each textured blank to form flowers. Attach each textured blank to the embossed blank using a jump ring. Attach the linked blanks to French Ear Wires to form earrings. If desired, Vintaj Glaze can be used as a sealer for natural metals to prevent oxidation. It is fast-drying, durable and permanent with a satin finish.

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