Butterfly Candy Cup

Project #13308

Transform any tabletop at a bridal shower or wedding. With the help of Sweet Treats designs by Eileen Hull, you can customize this creation in your own special way for a truly unique gift.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Glitter Paper, Patterned Paper, Button, Craft Wire, Ink, Ribbon, Twine

Adhere patterned paper to mat board and die-cut Candy Cup. Fold along score lines to assemble. Embellish with ink. Place treats inside Candy Cup. Die-cut a Butterfly #16 out of glitter paper and colored cardstock, layer materials to assemble and adhere to a small length of craft wire. Embellish the craft wire with ribbon bows and a threaded button. Adhere the craft wire along one edge of the Candy Cup.

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