Celebrate Butterfly Medallions Cupcake Topper

Project #13753

Who can resist this tasty treat? With the right amount of elegance and fun, it's hard to top this topper from the Favorite Things collection by Brenda Walton.

Other Supplies: Styrofoam Ball, Cupcake Liner, Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Fondant, Decorative Scissors, German Dresden Foil Butterfly, Glitter, Jewel Flower, Paint, Pearls, Printed Sentiment, Ribbon, Skewer

Cut the bottom off of a Styrofoam ball so it sits flat. Roll out fondant and cut into a circle. Emboss the fondant circle using the Trellis embossing folder. Paint the fondant to highlight the embossed design and place over the Styrofoam ball. Add pearls where the shapes intersect and glue the ball in place in a cupcake liner to form a cupcake. Die-cut a large Summer Floral flower and a Medallion out of cardstock and patterned paper. Assemble the Medallion. Emboss the flower using an embossing folder of your choice. Sandwich the Medallion and Summer Floral flower back to back with a small length of ribbon and a skewer placed in the middle. Embellish the flower center with a German Dresden foil butterfly and a jeweled flower. Trim the skewer to size and embellish with a printed sentiment. Place the skewer into the cupcake.

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