Snow-Covered Country Cottage

Project #14081

A house is more than just a home — now it's a Snow-Covered Country Cottage! This easy project is perfect gift wrapping for a house-warming or holiday hostess gift.

Other Supplies: Glitter Paper, Patterned Paper, Pom-pom Trim, Miniature Mushrooms

Die-cut the Country Cottage and its pieces out of glittered and patterned papers. (Reminder, the Roof is cut on the fold.) Fold along the crease lines of the die-cut shapes to assemble. Hand cut a piece of white glitter paper to look like snow on the Roof and adhere in place before attaching the chimney. Embellish the base of the Cottage with pom-pom trim. Add any miniature embellishments you have in your stash to the front lawn. We added a grouping of mushrooms.

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