Mini Bird's Nest Stand

Project #14566

Put the best into your nest. This creative layout is hardly out on a limb with dies designed by Brenda Walton to add just the right touch.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Berries, German Dresden Foil Trim, Mini Bird, Mini Bird's Nest, Moss, Ribbon, Shredded Paper, Small Flowers

Die-cut four Mini Cupcake Stands out of cardstock. Fold each Mini Cupcake Stand in half lengthwise and adhere back to back to form the legs for a three-dimensional Mini Cupcake Stand. Embellish with small flowers, ribbon and German Dresden foil trim. Fill a mini bird's nest with moss, shredded paper, mini bird and other woodland embellishments. Place on a Cupcake Stand.

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