Snowflake Ornaments #3

Project #15065

Looking to gift a little special something? This snowflake ornament, easily made with a Thinlits die set, offers the perfect décor to celebrate the season festively.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Beads, Buttons, Extra-Strong Double-Sided Adhesive, Ribbons, Twine

Die-cut seven Scallop Stars Ornaments out of patterned paper. Adhere the two center-most triangular tabs together (a glue gun works best for this project because it dries so quickly). Flip the piece over and use a pen or pencil to give the second set of triangles from the center a soft bend (this keeps the paper from creasing or cracking). Adhere the corners together. Continue the previous step, flipping the piece over each time until completed. Repeat this process with each of the other six pieces. Once all of the pieces have been formed, glue them together, side-to-side (in two sets) so that they are all facing the same direction. Create a group of four and a group of three. Adhere the round end tabs of each group together one at a time. Combine the two groups together, overlapping the center tabs as far in as possible. Adhere the sides of the two groups together to form a snowflake. Repeat all of the same steps to create the smaller snowflake. Embellish the snowflake centers with buttons and twine. Add beads and bells strung on twine for hangers. Embellish with ribbon bows.

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