It's Your Day Flower Step-Ups Card

Project #15102

Step-up to any special occasion with a fun, unique card for easy personalization! Design your own dimensional card from the Stephanie Barnard collection by following the easy instructions below.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Ink, Jewels, Pen, Ribbon, Stamp Mount, Thin Wooden Dowels

Die-cut the Basic Step-Ups Card out of cardstock and fold along crease lines to assemble. Die-cut the panels out of patterned paper and attach to the Card base. Die-cut a tag out of cardstock, stamp with a sentiment and attach to the Card base. Add pen-drawn doodles. Wrap a ribbon around the Card and tie into a bow. Die-cut flowers, leaves and swirls out of cardstock and patterned paper. Embellish with ink and half-pearl jewels and attach to the Card base along with thin wooden dowels for stems.

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