Project #16731

Classic shapes with elegant appeal. That's the best way to describe this Tim Holtz treasure. Make your city Chapel and complete your neighborhood.

Other Supplies: Plain Heavy-weight Card, Assorted Distress Paints, Brayer, White Gesso

  1. Die-cut all the parts to create the house and bell tower from grey card.
  2. Apply some white gesso to a craft sheet and roll it out thinly with a brayer. Use the brayer to apply the gesso to the walls of the house and the centre section of the bell tower. It is preferable if some of the grey card shows through in places.
  3. Die-cut the roof and several strips of roof tiles from grey card.
  4. Take some white acrylic and apply to the tiles using a dry brush technique to enhance the detail followed by a little Distress Ink around the edges.
  5. Take the spire and base of the bell tower and paint with metallic copper acrylic paint.
  6. Assemble the spire and base of the bell tower once dry and use a sponge to apply some pale blue/green acrylic to mimic the effect of weathered copper.
  7. Assemble the house according to the instructions supplied with the packaging. 

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