Distressed Clock

Project #16733

Time stops with this instant classic. Take this vintage approach with your next card and create an enduring masterpiece that anyone can appreciate.

Other Supplies: Plain Clock and Mechanism, Canvas and Hessian Fabric, Mount Board, Plain Card, Assorted Acrylic Paints, Assorted Stamps, Blending Tool, Ink Pad, Paint Brush, Stamp Mount, Stencils, White Gesso

  1. Die-cut the Typo letters and numbers from one to seven and a couple of cogs from mount board.
  2. Die-cut two doilies from card.
  3. Remove the mechanism from an old round clock and attach canvas and hessian fabric to the face of the clock together with the doilies.
  4. Attach the letters, numbers and cogs and apply various shades of Distress Paints blending as you go. Apply the same paints to the hands of the clock at the same time.
  5. Use a dry brush technique to apply white gesso to pick out and enhance the raised detail.
  6. Die-cut the stencil numbers in various sizes from eight to twelve and apply the paint through the number stencils.
  7. Add stamped detail over and around the numbers and re-attach the clock mechanism and hands.

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