Tree Cushion

Project #16772

It's as timeless as it is treasured! If you're inspired by bold patterns, then this cushion will be an amazing addition to your living room. And for a more rustic look, you can easily change the color scheme to make another unique creation.

Other Supplies: Cushion Cover, Cushion Pad, Various Shades of Cotton Fabric, Button, Contrasting Thread, Fusible Web, Iron, Label (optional)

  1. Following the manufacturer's instructions, apply fusible web to the wrong sides of your chosen fabrics.
  2. Draw a tree top shape onto the darkest adhesive-backed fabric, make sure the size works with the size of the cushion cover. Trim the tree to size and then heat fuse into position on the cushion cover.
  3. Cut a 1cm strip of the same adhesive-backed fabric and heat fuse in place from the bottom of the cushion cover to the centre of the tree shape.
  4. Either hand or machine stitch around the edge of the tree and down the centre of the tree trunk using contrasting thread and regular running stitch.
  5. Die-cut several leaf shapes in different shades of grey and beige and then heat fuse them into position as shown in the project image.
  6. Sew a label and button to complete your cushion.

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