Flower Bud Vase

Project #18493

For budding artists, there's a Flower Bud Vase. This beautiful blooming maker's delight is a natural decorative addition to any room all year long!

Other Supplies:

  • Cardstock (Gray)
  • Artificial Flower Center
  • Artificial Stamen
  • Artificial Stem
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Vase

  1. Die-cut out of gray cardstock on the fold (slightly overhanging the die edge per package instructions) four large petals from the Peony set. Repeat to die-cut out of gray cardstock 4 medium petals, 15 small petals and 2 flower centers from the Peony set.
  2. Curl the petals. To curl the tip of a petal, insert the tip into the slot of the Crease & Curl Tool. Slide the tool to the part of the petal where you want the curl to begin. Curl and shape as desired. (Hint: While curling the tip of a petal, pull the tool upward and off the tip, not toward your body, with a quick motion. This creates the dimension of the curl.) Adhere the flower layers together from the bottom up, alternating the petals with hot glue.
  3. Adhere the flower center with hot glue. Adhere an artificial stamen to the center of the flower and an artificial stem to the flower with hot glue.
  4. Place the flower inside a vase.

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