Embossed Rat, Bats & Spiders Frame

Project #1859

This frame is easy and fun to create and would make a perfect gift to commemorate any occasion. To find out how to create this project, follow the directions below.

Other Supplies: Canvas, Cardstock, Felt, Frame, Ink, Pop-Up Dots, Ribbon

Trim three sheets of canvas to fit inside frame. Emboss canvas using the Bats #2; Skeleton Hands, Spiders & Spiderweb; and Spiders #2 embossing folders. Emboss each design a second time onto colored cardstock. Hand-cut around selected shapes and adhere to the canvas using pop-up dots. Adhere photograph in place. Place canvas pieces in frame. Die-cut Rat out of felt and adhere to frame. Tie a ribbon around the frame.

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