Snowflake Embellished Candle

Project #1911

Use fun flurries to embellish candles, frames, hand towels, pillows and more. It's simple to make your own customized creations with Originals Dies - just follow the instructions to learn how to create this Snowflake Embellished Candle.

Other Supplies: Candle, Colored Tissue Paper, Crystal Drop, Heat Tool, Rhinestone Embellishment, Ribbon, Waxed Paper

Die-cut Snowflakes from layers of tissue paper. Using a heat embossing tool, carefully heat up the side of the candle until it is slightly warm. Quickly place Snowflakes on warm candle. Lay a piece of waxed paper over the top of Snowflakes and heat up just to melting point. Remove waxed paper and finish heating up Snowflake until wax just barely covers tissue paper. Repeat this step until entire candle has been covered. Tie ribbon around candle and add jewels for embellishment.

Note: Remove embellishment before lighting candle.

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