Firecracker Bouquet

Project #19340

Decorate with a bang! Celebrations are more fun with party décor made with Biz dies that that let your creativity take flight.

Other Supplies: Cardstock (Blue, Red, Silver Glitter), Patterned Paper (Coordinating Patterns), Glue Gun, Mason Jar, Mini Foam Balls (White), Scissors, Washi Tape, White Tissue Paper, Wooden Skewer

  1. To create one firecracker, die-cut five Pencil Box panels and five triangle tips out of desired colors of cardstock and patterned paper. Fold the five base panels on the crease lines, and adhere them together with the Glue Gun to create a firecracker.
  2. Adhere with the Glue Gun the five triangle tips over the five sides of the tip on the firecracker base.
  3. Adhere a wooden skewer to the bottom center of the firecracker with the Glue Gun.
  4. Cut fringe out of white tissue paper with scissors. Adhere the fringe to the bottom of the firecracker with the Glue Gun.
  5. Embellish the firecracker as desired with washi tape.
  6. Fill a Mason jar with mini foam balls, and insert the skewer in the foam balls. Follow the above steps to create two more firecrackers for the centerpiece display.

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