Boo Halloween Shadow Box

Project #19426

Put the scream in Halloween! These frighteningly fun shapes include cats, bats and other super ghoul characters to make a truly boo-tiful project.

Other Supplies: Cardstock (Black, Green, Orange, Purple Glitter, Silver Glitter, White), Patterned Paper (Coordinating Halloween Patterns), Vellum, Wood Grain Paper, Adhesive Foam Dots, Chipboard Letter B, Decorative Halloween Brads, Display Box (Black w/Four Compartments), Double-Sided Tape or Tape Runner, Flowers (Black and Orange), Foam Brush, Glue Gun, Ink Blending Tool or Foam Sponge, Ink Pads, Liquid Adhesive, Paper Trimmer, Spider Doily, White Acrylic Paint

  1. Cut four pieces of patterned paper to size to fit the compartments of a display box. Add ink to the patterned paper as desired, and adhere the patterned paper to the back panels of the compartments.
  2. Die-cut the tree from the Seasonal Tree set out of wood grain paper, and paint over the tree with white paint. Allow the tree to dry. Add ink over the entire tree as desired. Adhere the tree to the large compartment of the display box.
  3. Attach a decorative brad through a spiderweb doily, and adhere the doily to the upper left side of the large compartment of the display box.
  4. Attach a decorative brad through a chipboard letter B, and adhere the letter to the top right compartment of the display box with the glue gun. Die-cut two ghosts from the Fall Embellishments set out of white cardstock, and layer vellum on the back of the ghosts to show through the eyes. Add ink to the ghosts as desired. Apply adhesive foam dots to the back of the ghosts. Adhere the ghosts to the middle and bottom compartments on the right side of the display box by using the glue gun to adhere the adhesive foam dots to the background paper. The letter B and the two ghosts spell the word Boo.
  5. From the Fall Embellishments set, die-cut pumpkins out of orange patterned paper, print patterned paper and white cardstock. Die-cut three bats, two cats, owl eyes and a spider out of black cardstock. Die-cut the owl body out of green cardstock, the owl nose out of orange cardstock and the owl wings out of purple glitter cardstock. Assemble the owl. Embellish the die-cuts, and add ink as desired. Adhere the die-cuts to the compartments of the display box, using adhesive foam dots and the glue gun for the pumpkins, cats and owl to add dimension.
  6. From the Christmas Embellishments set, die-cut two bows and an icicle out of green cardstock. From the Summer Embellishments set, die-cut the star out of silver glitter cardstock. Adhere the remaining die-cuts as desired, and embellish.

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