Heart Favor Box

Project #19636

Oh, the intricacy! Transform an ordinary box into an extraordinary gift-giving treat that’s as special as what’s inside.


Other Supplies: Cardstock (Pink), Vellum, Double-Sided Tape, Liquid Adhesive, Markers (Light Green, Medium Green), Paper Trimmer, Ribbon (Green)

  1. Die-cut the heart panel from the Butterfly & Cross Favor Box set out of a sheet of Release Paper. Using scissors, trim the excess paper from the edges of the die. Use a Die Brush w/Magnetic Pick Up Tool and Die Pick to remove the fall outs. Use this pre-cut Release Paper shape when die-cutting the heart panel throughout this project.
  2. Using a Magnetic Platform, place the Butterfly & Cross Favor Box die onto a 6" x 8" pink cardstock panel. Place the heart panel die with the pre-cut Release Paper inside one of the openings in the Favor Box die and die-cut the box. Remove the heart panel die and place it into the second opening of the Favor Box die. Die-cut a second time. Repeat these steps with a second 6" x 8" pink cardstock panel.
  3. Die-cut the heart panel out of four 3" x 3" panels of silver Adhesive Foil. Use a paper trimmer to cut 1/8" from each edge of the die-cut heart panels.
  4. Adhere the silver heart panels to the matching heart designs of the Favor Box panels.
  5. Cut four 2 1/8" panels out of vellum. Adhere the vellum panels to the backs of the heart panels of the Favor Box with liquid adhesive.
  6. Using light and medium green markers, color the leaves on the heart panels. Coloring on the back side of the vellum panel is easier and adds a subtle amount of color to the images.
  7. Apply double-sided tape to the tabs of the Favor Box die-cuts and adhere the two panels together. Glue the four bottom panels of the box together with liquid adhesive.
  8. Fold a length of ribbon in half and tie a knot in the center of the ribbon. Pull both ends of the ribbon through the holes in box top. Tie the ribbon into a bow.

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