Spring Bunny Plaque

Project #19637

Some bunny is sure to love this refreshing display of Spring fun. Capture the season in style with themed Sizzix die sets that bring out the best and brightest your creativity has to offer.

Other Supplies: Wood Plaque, Cardstock (White), Chipboard, Patterned Paper, Tissue Paper (Green), Cotton Ball, Craft Knife, Double-Sided Tape, Foam Paint Brush, Glue Gun, Liquid Adhesive, Mixed Media Gel Medium, Rhinestone, Tweezers

  1. Die-cut the bunny from the Cottontail die out of chipboard and white cardstock. Die-cut two bow ties from the Cottontail die out of light blue cardstock. Die-cut two each of the two-bud stem from the Large Stems die out of yellow, light pink and dark aqua cardstock. Die-cut two of the one-bud stem out of coral cardstock. Die-cut the one-bud stem and the leaf sprig out of light green cardstock.
  2. Trim the pink, yellow and coral flower buds away from the stems, and discard the stems. (You should have ten flower buds total.) With a Crease & Curl Tool, curl the flower buds to create dimension. Cut small squares of adhesive foam and attach to the back of one of each flower bud. Remove the adhesive backing, align and adhere each flower bud directly on top of the matching color flower bud. (You should now have five layered flower buds.) Adhere the layered flower buds to the matching aqua stems with hot glue.
  3. Adhere the white bunny to the chipboard bunny with gel medium. Adhere a piece of patterned paper to the wood plaque with gel medium. Arrange and adhere the flower stems and leaf sprig to the patterned paper with liquid adhesive as desired.
  4. Layer pieces of tissue paper together with double-sided tape, and cut to fit along the bottom of the wood plaque. Trim the top edge of the tissue paper to look like grass. Hot glue the tissue stack to the bottom of the wooden plaque. Trim off any excess tissue that hangs over the edge with a craft knife on top of a cutting pad.
  5. Adhere the center of one blue bow tie die cut to the center of the other blue bow tie with liquid adhesive. Pull the two sides of the top bow tie up to create dimension. Adhere the bow tie to the neck of the bunny with liquid adhesive. Adhere a small piece of a cotton ball to the tail of the bunny with hot glue. Adhere the bunny to the wooden plaque where desired with hot glue.
  6. With a pair of tweezers, adhere a single rhinestone to the center of the bow tie.

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