Picnic Blanket

Project #19898

Hungry for inspiration? This Picnic Blanket offers plenty of creativity for a truly stunning spread beyond be-leaf.

Other Supplies: Fabric (Blue Polka Dot, Green, Teal, White, Yellow, Yellow Gingham), Iron, Needle, Pom-Pom Trim (White), Sewing Machine, Thread White

  1. Iron a piece of iron-on adhesive to each type of fabric except the white.
  2. Die-cut the multiple flowers from the Flower Layers #15 die out of the gingham fabric, the flower centers out of the yellow fabric.
  3. Die-cut different sizes of Wild Leaves out of the teal, polka dot and green fabric.
  4. Cut two large circles out of the white fabric.
  5. Remove the adhesive backing from the fabric die-cuts. Place the flowers and leaves randomly onto one of the white circles, scattering evenly from the middle to the edge. Iron in place.
  6. Stitch up the center of each leaf with white thread.
  7. Pin the right sides of the white circles together, sandwiching the pom-pom trim between the layers at the edge, with the pom-poms facing inwards.
  8. Sew around the edge with white thread, fixing the trim in place. Leave an 8" gap open.
  9. Turn the blanket right side out through the gap and close the opening with hand stitching.

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