Folk Bird Christmas Ornament

Project #20101

Create the Folk Bird Christmas Ornament and add to the festivity of your household this Christmas.

Other Supplies: Felt, Sequins and beads, Metallic thread, Needle, Wadding

  1. Die-cut the Folk Bird die from felt, cutting two bodies.
  2. Take the wing, thread the needle and using back stitch, stitch tear drops shapes of varying sizes.
  3. Sew the sequins and beads at the widest part of the tear drop, sewing through to one of the body shapes to secure.
  4. Sew a sequin and bead for the eye.
  5. Using blanket stitch sew around the outside of the bird. Leave a 4cm gap and stuff with wadding. Finish off the rest of the bird with the blanket stitch.

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