Santa Stocking

Project #20141

Get ready for Christmas and design your own Santa Stocking.

Other Supplies: Dark Grey, Grey, White and Red Fabric, Striped Grey Fabric, White Pom-poms, Grey Embroidery Thread, Sewing Needle, Paper Scissors

  1. Draw your stocking shape on paper and cut it out, this will be your template.
  2. Use your template to cut out two stocking pieces out of grey fabric.
  3. Iron on the adhesive to the striped grey, light grey, red and white fabric.
  4. Die-cut the Santa from the Elf and Santa die using from the fabric that has the iron on adhesive attached to it.
  5. Iron the Santa onto one of the stocking pieces.
  6. Hand stitch all the way around the Santa using the grey embroidery thread.
  7. Cut out two cuffs the same width as the top of the stocking out of the white fabric.
  8. Stitch the cuff to the top of the stocking. Repeat for the other stocking piece.
  9. Seam the top of the cuff on both pieces.
  10. Attach the pom poms on top of the seam on both stocking pieces.
  11. Pin the right sides of the stocking together and stitch all the way around. Turn inside out and fold the top of the white fabric over to form a cuff.

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