Twilight Hanging #1

Project #20143

This Twilight hanging decoration is a fun and simple project to add something unique to your home.

Other Supplies: Card mount (gray, Hair putty), Paint (light and dark gray and white), Paint brush, Ribbon

  1. Die-cut the Twilight Die elements using the mount board.
  2. Paint the moon light gray and paint the stars white then leave them to dry.
  3. Once dried, apply small dabs of hair putty on each star and the moon, the putty will act as a resist. Gently paint white onto the moon and dark gray onto both stars. Then leave to dry.
  4. Once dried remove hair putty with a tissue.
  5. Glue both stars to the front of the moon.
  6. Lastly glue ribbon to back of moon in a loop.

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