Folk Art Candy Box #9

Project #20156

Make a collection of Folk Art Candy Boxes using our Chapter 3 range.

Other Supplies: Spray Mount, Double Sided Tape, Hole Punch, Ribbon and Gems.

  1. Die cut the box (2 sides and 1 base) element from the Reindeer Bag Die set and glue together using double sided tape.
  2. Die-cut two lots of the large flower, large stem and leaf elements from the Folk Art Elements Die set to match design and colour.
  3. Spray mount each piece and stick to box, front and back. Stick a gem in the centre of each flower.
  4. Die-cut two circles, spray mount the back of the smaller circle and glue on top of larger one.
  5. Die-cut 4 leaves from Folk Art Elements Die set, cut the last three leaves and stick to the smaller circle. Die-cut small flower and heart element from the same die set and stick on top of leaves.
  6. Hole punch the outer circle, thread the ribbon through the hole and tie with a bow.
  7. Attach the circle to the box.

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