Christmas Foliage Lantern

Project #20197

Decorate your lanterns ready for the Christmas period.

Other Supplies: Ink – optional, PVA Glue, String, Fake red berries, Lantern

  1. Die-cut 1 3-D Rose die using brown card. Die-cut 4 of the leaves using mint and 1 grey card and the berries in white card.
  2. Shape the petals on the rose so they cup slightly, then twist it around with the help of the tweezers to create a pin cone shape, glue in place.
  3. Optional extra – dab the ends of the leaves with a deep yellow.
  4. PVA glue the white berries onto the grey leaves.
  5. Glue all the leaves to the narrowest part of the lantern.
  6. Wrap the string around the lantern and glue the pine cone and berries in place.

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