Christmas Gingerbread Decoration

Project #20201

Use our Chapter 3 dies and add this festive addition to your Christmas tree.

Other Supplies: Felt, Gold ribbon, Metallic thread, Embroidery thread and needle

  1. Die-cut all the pieces for the Gingerbread House Die set out of brown, grey, white, green, red and tan felt.
  2. On the wreath embroider some festive flowers and foliage.
  3. Machine stitch the roof of the house using metallic thread in the sewing machine.
  4. Button stitch around the edge of the house in brown thread and stitch the windows and door using running stitch.
  5. Fabric glue the wreath and bow onto the door.
  6. Hand stitch the gold ribbon onto the top of the house so that the decoration can be hung in your favourite spot!

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