Little Fairy Gift Wrap

Project #20284

Create this super cute gift wrap using a brand-new Chapter 4 die!

Other Supplies: White Cardstock, Craft Foam, White Gift Wrap, Distress Inks, Spray Adhesive, Green Adhesive Gems and White Tulle

  1. Using your Sizzix Big Shot Machine, die-cut three stars using the Stars die set out of craft foam.
  2. Spray adhesive these together on a piece of stiff card to form your stamp.
  3. Ink the stamp using green Distress Inks and stamp your pattern onto the white gift wrap.
  4. Using your Sizzix Big Shot Machine, die-cut one tag using the Tag Collection die set out of white card.
  5. Using your Sizzix Big Shot Machine, die-cut an fairy using the Fairy #4 die set out of light and dark green cardstock.
  6. Adhere the elf onto the tag and layer with washi tape and your printed sentiment. The sentiment can be printed, stamped or hand written.
  7. Wrap your gift with the hand printed gift wrap and tie with tulle, remembering to attach the gift tag.
  8. Decorate the tag and gift with green adhesive gems.

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