"Love You" Stitched Heart Card

Project #21451

Share the love this year!


Other Supplies: Cardstock (Kraft, White), Patterned Paper, Embroidery Thread (Blue, Dark Aqua, Pink, Purple, Yellow), Needle, Paper Trimmer

  1. Cut a 5 7/8" x 9 1/4" panel of light blue cardstock. Fold in half to form card base.
  2. Cut a 4 3/8" x 5 5/8" panel of white cardstock. Center and adhere the white panel to the light blue card base with double-sided adhesive.
  3. Cut a 4 1/8" x 5 3/8" panel of patterned paper. Center and adhere the patterned paper to the white panel with double-sided adhesive.
  4. Adhere an adhesive sheet to the back of two pieces of 6" x 6" brown cardstock. Die-cut out of the brown cardstock three to four of the embroidery hoop from the Embroidery die set. Stack and adhere the hoops to each other to create a dimensional piece. Die-cut out of white cardstock the stitched circle from the same die set.
  5. With a needle and thread, embroider the outline of a green heart in the center of the white stitched circle. Stitch a geometric pattern of choice in blue, yellow and pink thread in the center of the green heart.
  6. Center and adhere the brown embroidery hoop on the top half of the card base. Attach foam tape behind the white stitched panel and adhere it inside of the brown embroidery hoop.
  7. Cut a 1 3/8" x 3 5/8"panel of white and light blue cardstock. Using a sticky grid sheet, center the letters "l o v e y o u" from the Elle Lowercase die set in a 1 3/8" x 3 5/8" space on the sheet. Once the sentiment is placed as desired, center the light blue panel over the phrase and die-cut the word. Adhere the light blue panel to the white panel of the same size with double-sided adhesive.
  8. Cut a 6" x 6" panel of gray cardstock. Adhere an adhesive sheet to one side of the gray panel. Die-cut out of the gray cardstock the letters "l o v e y o u" from the Elle Lowercase die set. Match and adhere the letters into the negative space on the panel in step 7. Adhere foam tape to the back of the sentiment panel, center and adhere the panel below the embroidery hoop on the card base.

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