Felt Fruit Key Ring

Project #21495

Create your own collection of felt fruit key rings with Sizzix dies. You can also create fashion accessories with our dies and Shrink Plastic.

Other Supplies: Embroidery Needle, Embroidery Thread (Yellow, White), Key Ring Attachment, Stuffing

  1. Die-cut out of yellow felt two large circles and six triangle segments and out white felt one small circle from the Fruit Shapes die set.
  2. Using yellow embroidery thread, stitch each yellow triangular segment in an even circular pattern on to the white felt circle with a simple running stitch.
  3. Using white embroidery thread, stitch the white circle of felt from Step 2 on to one of the yellow circles using a simple running stitch.
  4. Stitch the decorated circle to the second yellow felt circle with yellow thread and a simple running stitch. Be sure to only stitch 3/4 of the way around the circle, so that enough room is left to add stuffing.
  5. Through the opening you have left add stuffing to pad out the circle.
  6. Finish stitching the circles closed with yellow embroidery thread.
  7. Attach the keyring chain onto the edge of your completed lemon circle using yellow embroidery thread until the ring feels secure.

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