Dance Like No One Is Watching Scrapbook Page

Project #476

Follow the instructions below to embellish your own recital memory page. It’s a fun and simple scrapbook project that you can put together in no time.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Pen, Versamarker Pen, Ribbon, Chalk

Cut two strips of paper. Adhere to center of page. Mount photos on paper and glue to page. Hand write the phrase "Dance like no one is watching" and doodle around it with a pen. Draw shadow with a Versamarker pen. Cut a flower shape from paper. Cut into flower in a coil fashion. Twist flower to make 3-D and glue onto page. Add bits of ribbon for leaves. Die-cut Body, Hair and Ballerina Costume from paper and adhere together. Adhere Ballerina to page. Embellish with pen and chalk.

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