10 Celebrities Who DIY Just Like You!

10 Celebs who DIYJust like You! (1)

The day has finally come where we can now say that all of us who craft and DIY are like the celebrities of Hollywood. (Or would we prefer to say that they are becoming more like us?) We've been obsessed for a while with these awesome makes and DIY's by our favorite celebrities and can't wait to share them with you!

1.) Lauren Conrad
Jen Long (2)

We don't know about you, but we are HUGE fans of Lauren Conrad! She's the epitome of class and elegance with a keen eye for trends and all things DIY. We are absolutely obsessed with her crafting section of her website- especially this gorgeous Table Numbers make!

2.) Taylor Swift
Jen Long

Besides writing and performing those awesome songs that we just can't seem to shake out of our heads, Taylor also has a knack for creating some pretty epic makes! We're loving her snow globe collection- but don't skip checking out her Instagram- it's FULL of awesome crafts and DIYs!

3.) Tom Hiddleston
Jen Long (1)

We can't get enough of Tom Hiddleston, with his dashing smile and British charm. Did you know that he donated this card that he designed himself to Stampin Up! UK for charity? We wish we could hug him!

4.) Mindy Kaling
Untitled design (10)

We first fell in love with Mindy Kaling on the hit TV show The Office but we fell even more in love with her when we saw her Wreath Witherspoon DIY that she made for Reese Witherspoon for her Oscar nomination. Besides being a leading lady in style and positive body image, Mindy has some pretty awesome crafting skills too!

5.) Paris Hilton
Katelyn Lazardi (2)

As much as we love scrapbooking, it didn't come as a big surprise that we were infatuated with Paris Hilton's scrapbook collection. For the shoppaholics and color enthusiasts, this collection is pretty awesome!

6.) Amanda Seyfried
Katelyn Lazardi (3)

We can't help but love Amanda Seyfried a little bit more after seeing her love of yarn and knitting. We absolutely love these adorable heart makes on her Instagram. This celebrity social media account definitely gets our vote of DIY approval!

7.) Patrick Dempsey
Katelyn Lazardi (4)

Oh, McDreamy, your DIY skills make us swoon like when we first saw you on Grey's Anatomy. We can't get over this Shooting Star Christmas Light DIY Patrick Dempsey created with Martha Stewart. McDreamy indeed.

8.) Mandy Moore
Untitled design (11)

We feel like we've been missing Mandy Moore like candy for the last few years- but we were super excited to see these fantastic Charming Lockets she made with the amazing Martha Stewart! These makes are something we'll definitely remember.

9.) Blake Lively
Katelyn Lazardi (5)

It's taking everything in us to not come across like a fangirl over Blake Lively. As bummed as we were with the shutting down of her website Preserve, we still go a little crazy when we see her cooking skills on Instagram. Our favorite is the Beehive Cake she made for Beyonce's birthday- we would have never been able to match those cooking DIY capabilities!

10.) Nick Offerman
Katelyn Lazardi (6)

"The world is split into two halves: the bacon and the bacon eaters." Nick Offerman sometimes gives the most profound advice and views on life- which is why we love his comedic genius. Now though, we love him ten times more for his epic woodworking mastery- have you all seen his makes?? Absolutely amazing.

What celebrity DIY's are your favorite?

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