10 Halloween Costumes That'll Only Take You A Day To Make

We hope you're just as excited as we are about this wonderful time of year! Halloween is the perfect season for crafting for those special goblins and ghouls in your life, but it's also one of the few times you can craft for yourself too! We compiled a list of 10 Halloween Costumes that you can prep, craft, and whip up in a day for all of you busy crafters out there. Let's get spooky!

1. Become a Starbucks cup faster than barista can make your drink!

Me: *comes in late as the starbucks cup*

2. Or be a vintage doll complete with a wind up key!

Vintage doll or robot or cyborg extravaganza - anything is possible with this wind-up piece!

3. Be a Pinterest Board and inspire anyone!

We already spent so much time on Pinterest, so why not become a board ourselves?

4. Be a SIMS character this Halloween!

Be in charge of your own life by becoming a SIMS character for Halloween!

5. Embrace the tropics and create a Pineapple costume!

Be your yellow dress and craft materials ready, because it's a Hawaiian-themed Halloween!

6. Be a Smartie Pants - literally!

Take puns to the next level by pasting smarties to your pants to become the ultimate Smartie Pants of all time.

7. Be mysterious with this mask!

This Mask die can be decorated into anything! Be a superhero or a killer in disguise!

8. Nothing wrong with being a Cereal Killer!

Speaking of killers, this is the only one that we can get behind. All you need a t-shirt, some red paint, plastic knives, and empty cereal boxes.

9. Wear a DIY Spider Bun!

Make your costume into an accessory! This DIY Spider Bun is cute, easy, and fit for the occasion.

10. Make these DIY Troll Headbands!

Become a troll with these easy headbands! You can even make multiple for those ultimate #squadgoals.

There's still a whole month before Halloween, so you have plenty of time to prepare! But just in case, keep these 10 costumes saved for the future! Don't forget to connect with us on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) for more inspirations, tips, and laughs!

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