The Sizzix Trends for 2018 is a compilation of fresh trends our social media team is noticing across social media and within the craft industry as a whole. 

There's nothing like a brand-new set of trends to ring in the 2018 year, but don't worry! There's nothing about Tide Pods or anything of the like in our list. All we have are 11 great trends that we've been seeing not only in the crafting and DIY industry, but across social media as a whole. From art and fashion to crafting and party decor, we've covered nearly everything in this 2018 Trends blog. Metallic Marble, Glitch, Watercolor, and more: here are the 2018 trends to incorporate into your life!

Mixed Media

aka the "Mixed Media Madness Mayhem" Category
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It's beauty, it's grace, it's the Mixed Media Race! Mixed Media projects continue to shine and grow in 2018, with newer and more creative makes coming out each time. We have our traditional Mixed Media cards and booklets, giving textured and unique designs. We're also seeing a surge in Mixed Media representation in photography, fashion, decor, and more! We're excited to see where this trend will take us in 2018.


aka the "E In Love Stands For Emboss" Category 
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Adding texture can entirely change any craft! Whether you're embossing or painting, the intricacy of adding dimension to your project is just the right thing you need. Luckily our 2018 trends report includes the wonders of Texture and all that comes with it. Make unique business cards or fantastical cards - throw in some stunning jewelry in there while you can!


aka the "One Time A Glitch Is Actually Good" Category 
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If there's one thing we learned about trends this year, it's that these trends are all about the aesthetic. For those of you who are looking beyond the rose gold, the marble, and the watercolor, we have just the trend for you: Glitch. No longer an annoying tick of technology, this Glitch trend is slowly making it's way into fashion, aesthetic, and home decor. Don't be afraid to explore more of this unique trend in your future craft projects!

Metallic Marble

aka the "Trend That'll Make You Change Your Entire Aesthetic" Category 
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This Metallic Marble mashup is so much more gorgeous than we could ever dream of! A perfect fit for weddings, parties, home decor, and even desserts, this might be one of our most favorite 2018 trends yet. That dash of gold or silver metallic intertwined with marble creates a stunning and elegant design with a touch of pizzazz. We're stoked to see what kind of amazing crafts and DIY projects will come out of this trend!

Glow Up

aka the "Glo' Up That Is Finally Going To Happen This Year" Category 
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It's time to bring back neon lights and bright colors, because this year, we're all about the vibrant and the fluorescent. A large trend in decor, this Glow trend joins fairy lights as some of the most popular decor trends in recent years. Lining up with other trends on this list (like Motivation and Novelty), our Glow trend touches upon everything and anything.

Watercolor Wishes

aka "The One Where Watercolors Meets Desserts" Category 
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It's 2018 and watercolor is still trending - thank god. We've seen watercolor nearly everywhere, but this year? We're taking it to newer (and sweeter) heights. From wedding cakes, popsicles, and macarons, we can't get enough of these gorgeous designs. As always, watercolor still reigns supreme when it comes to floral or leafy designs, so don't abandon your watercolor project just yet! We still got a long ways to go.

Tropical Vibes

aka the "Tropicool Vibes" Category
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Bring the feel of paradise with this 2018 Tropics trend that embraces the big, the bold, and the infamous pineapple. Go back to the days of sunny skies and summer vacations by adding some areca palms or banana leaves to any of your crafting projects. Decorate balloons and invitations with tropical designs or transform fun foods into tropical pieces! Trends may come and go, but paradise will be forever.

Novelty Is In

aka the "Yes, I am A Grown Adult And Yes, I Need This" Category 
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Novelty items: Original, Unique, and Absolutely Necessary. We've all seen these floating around the Internet for a while now and it would be a lie to say that we didn't want every. single. thing. this Novelty trend has to offer. Combining the old and the new, the classic and the modern, check out some of our favorite Novelty items! From pizza slices to dinosaur lamps to even famous hip-hop rapper air fresheners, we really got it all.

A Sense Of Nostalgia

aka "The Quickest and Sure Fastest Way To Feel Old" Category
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Nostalgia and childhood for some..."just yesterday" for others. Whichever category you fall into, there's no denying that the thought of Slap On Bracelets and Circus Animal Cookies doesn't make you feel just a little bit nostalgic of your younger self. We're foregoing printed photos for Polaroid pictures and even MAC brought back the legendary Selena for a limited-time makeup line. Maybe it's a way to remember the good, simpler times of the past...maybe these were trends that we shouldn't have left behind in the first place!

Motivation IRL

aka the "Reason Why Millennials Are Taking Photos In Front Of Walls And You Should Too" Category
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From London to New York (but mostly Los Angeles), this Motivation trend has nearly taken over our streets! Although we still love our long, inspiration quotes, we're seeing that short and simple is the way to go when it comes to Motivation. Sometimes, a quick, "You can do it!" is all anyone needs. What we lack in length, we make up for in boldness, color, and a little bit of humor. Add in a little bit of fun to your Motivation - laughter can be just as inspiring as anything Plato has written.

Upscale Party Decor

aka the "Be Extra. Be Proud." Category 
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Who would've thought that 2018 would bring llamas and alpacas into the Upscale Party Decor trend? We certainly didn't, but we also certainly are not complaining. Dressed to the nines in floral wreaths, wedding llamas and alpacas are available for your photoshoot and party needs. We've also noticed that upscale doesn't necessarily means high-end, which is good for all of our bank accounts! Re-purpose hula hoops, old wooden boards, and fish bowls for creative decor ideas!

Do these trends have you inspired and ready to make? If so, remember to use #sharewithsizzix on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to share your makes with us! Let's make 2018 a craftastic year!