A St. Patrick's Day Pot O' Clovers

Top O' The Mornin' to you all, it's Alexis from the Creative Team. This Irish lass can't wait to share this beautiful St. Patrick's Day make with you all. While I love all things Irish and all things green, I can't help but wish we could celebrate the beauty of this celebration day all year round! So this year I decided to make a home decor piece that is perfect for not only St. Patrick's Day, but everyday in between. Take a look below to see how I created this pot of four-leaved clovers.


What you will need:


How to make:

  1. Die-cut out of a desired shade of green cardstock four of the smallest hearts from the Hearts die set.

2. With a white colored pencil, create markings in the center of each heart die cut.

3. Gently fold each heart die cut in half down the center.

4. Cut a piece of covered floral wire to a desired length with wire cutters. Bend the end of the floral wire to create a "l-shape" at one end of the wire.

5. Begin to hot glue the heart die cuts one by one to the "l-shape" side of the wire.

6. Rotate the wire with each new heart so that each heart die cut layers over one another to create a natural clover shape. Repeat steps 1-5 until you achieve a desired number of clover stems.


7. Arrange the various clover shades in a pot or vase of your choosing.


And there you have it! A St. Patrick's Day inspired make that will last you all year round! Do you have any fun crafting makes you like to create for St. Patrick's Day? Let me know in the comments below!


Until next time...Happy Crafting!



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