Add Some Sweet Succulents To Your Home With This DIY


Hi everyone, Jan here with today's tutorial!  Ready to find out how I created this home decor piece using some of Sizzix's new collection called, "Succulent Serenity" by Linda Kanase? Succulents seem to be pretty popular in the decorating world right now, so why not create your own decor piece or create this as a gift. Let's get started!


The three Thinlits die sets I used were the 3-D Geometric Holder, 2-D & 3-D Succulents Set, and the 3-D Barrel Cactus Thinlits set.  Not only has Linda created some amazing dies, but this Succulent Serenity paper pad, full of beautiful patterns and colours, is a perfect match.

Here are the supplies you will need for this DIY:


Other Materials Used:

  • Adhesive
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spanish moss,
  • Stickles Glitter Glue


As soon as I saw this 3-D Geometric Holder Thinlits set, I knew this was the first piece I wanted to create. There are instructions on the back of the colour photo in the packaging, but you can also download a more detailed set of instructions on the Sizzix site.  Just look up your Sizzix product code, and the PDF instructions are next to the photo.  I die-cut my six pieces and bottom using the Sizzix Thinlits Sandwich; Sizzix Standard Magnetic Platform, Standard Cutting Pad, paper, Thinlits die (cutting blade down), Standard Cutting Pad.  After die-cutting, fold along the crease lines.


In this set there are different decorative dies that can be used with the main die.  These all have a cutting edge all the way around, except one, which has three pieces that are left connected to your main piece.  This one, you will want to use inside your main die when cutting out.  As per my instructions, I assembled my holder, adhering the decorative piece before I adhered the sides.


Here's my finished holder!  I filled it with some moss, ready for my plant.  These are a perfect size for tea lights too.


Using the Barrel Cactus Thinlits set, and cardstock I die-cut my pieces using the Sizzix Thinlits Sandwich.  Once these were die-cut I just followed the instructions for assembly.  Before assembling I added a touch of Stickles glitter glue on the spikes.  It's amazing how these pieces turn into this cactus, just by connecting with the die-cut slots and hooking the bottom curved ends together. There's also a small flower die, which I die-cut three to create my layered flower. I added a bit of Stickles to the middle of my flower after adhering the layers together.


Here's my finished cactus in it's holder.


As per the instructions for the Succulents 6 pce. set , I die-cut this cactus using cardstock and the Sizzix Thinlits Sandwich, then assembled the pieces.


With the same Sizzix set, I created my other 2-d and 3-d pieces using paper from the coordinating paper pad and cardstock.  I added some Stickles glitter glue to the centers of the flowers. Love these flowers!


The round box is a paper mache one, which I covered with my Sizzix pattern paper.  I painted the edges on the top and bottom of the box before covering. I wanted a trim on the top edge with a bit of dimension, so I embossed a strip of patterned paper with Sizzix's 3-D Geometric Embossing Folder.  The Sizzix Sandwich when embossing with these folders are; Sizzix Multi-purpose Platform opened to tab 1, 3-D folder with paper inside, and One Cutting Pad.  I added another piece of cardstock underneath the embossed paper strip, so it is slightly raised.


Once my box was covered, I added a piece of styrofoam inside and covered it with a piece of coloured tissue (didn't like the white showing through), then added my moss.


With a hot glue gun, I added some skewers and toothpicks(for smaller pieces) to the bottoms of my succulent pieces, so they could be secured into the styrofoam.


It was easy to assemble everything in the box, just by poking them into the foam.  I ended up putting a skewer through the holder also, to secure it.


After I had everything placed, I decided to add in this piece.  It was pictured in the photo on the 6pc. Succulents set, and I thought it would help cover up my seam on the embossed band.  I just die-cut the small tai-petals and curved them using a skewer.  Using embroidery floss, I threaded them together(you don't have to do this step, but I wanted to secure them in case my glue came undone) and with a hot glue gun, lightly glued the tips together.


Here's another look at my finished project!  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thanks for stopping by,


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