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Hi all... Eileen here! I have some exciting news to share. But first I want to introduce a friend- Amy Bowerman of Plucking Daisies.


Amy and I met at a blogging convention last April and started talking Sizzix. Amy was familiar with ScoreBoards and did some really awesome samples for me. One thing led to another and she wound up coming to CHA and helping me demo in the Sizzix booth. She shared her idea of using the block dies to create Artist Trading Blocks (ATB's).

What are Artist Trading Blocks? Picture a three dimensional ATC (Artist Trading Card)- but better! The blocks range in size from 3 1/4" down to 1 1/4", so you can make a stack and tell a story. Each block has six sides to work on so there is no limit to your creativity. Use your favorite supplies and paint, ink, mists, stencils, stamps to art them up!

Everyone can be an artist and create mini works of art on the blank canvas of the block. They are quick to assemble and if you make a mistake, you just hide that side on the bottom (YES!). The blocks are the perfect way to experiment with different techniques. Not only are they fun to make, but they're functional too. You can use them as gift boxes, to package food, (the 3 1/4" box can hold a cupcake) or use the pieces separately and make a mini album and pages-  the possibilities are endless!

The Blocks are part of my new Sizzix Cherished collection which is designed around a baby theme. But let me tell you, this die is not just for babies... It is a ScoreBoards die, which is specially designed to cut and score THICK materials, like matboard and chipboard. This technology is unique to Sizzix so you won't find anything else like it! Matboard is an awesome surface to decorate and makes a nice sturdy box that won't wrinkle or fall apart like paper.

Click here to see a video on Artist Trading Blocks. It makes me happy to see the block come together- and in under three minutes- hah!

There are a total of five block dies and three companion Movers and Shapers dies to cut windows:

  • 658058  Square Box measures 3 1/4" square and comes with a decorative label/closure.
  • 658983  Block/Cube/Bank, 3D has a magnetic window for Movers and Shapers (below) and the letters A, B, and C
  • 658980  Money Slot and Frame Movers and Shapers set that coordinates with Bank Block. There is a slot for the bank (for a folded dollar bill) and a rounded square
  • 658979  Decorative Frame coordinates with Bank Block
  • 658984  Blocks/Cubes, 3D -one die makes three sizes! 2 1/2", 2" and 1 1/2"

The Square Box is available now in your local scrapbook stores and the other two dies will be coming out with the rest of the Cherished collection in a month!

So- finally, here's the exciting news part- we have been talking with our friends at StencilGirl- one of the amazing sponsors for our CHA Workshop, Be An Artist on the Block (some seats still available- sign up today!). They loved the ATB idea and offered to create with them- the next thing we knew, there was a block party blog hop happening!



They have an amazing creative team and rocked that block like nobody's business! Amy and I and our good friend Johnnie Lanier were honored to be part of it too.

Take a look at these amazing blocks created using stencils! Many thanks to all of the StencilGirl artists for the inspiration and affirmation that we are all artists. Click on each name to see how-to's. Here we go!

Stack- MB Shaw

Mary Beth Shaw, owner of StencilGirl, started the hop off using warm sunbaked colors, 3D paint and cool stencil patterns to decorate her blocks.

Art on the Block sm- Linda Cain

Linda Cain went over the top and added a painted pedestal and finial, some gears and special techniques- wow!

- Janet Joehlin

Janet Joehlin used stencils to doodle around in soft colors and white penwork.

dsc02031- Pam Carriker

Pam Carriker's block is a color study based on of one of her workshops, “The Real hUe” and uses stencils as a base for her artwork. (go see what's inside!)


Carolyn Dube created an art doll with hers and added arms, legs and head! Love it- who would have thought?


Johnnie Lanier used lots of the smallest size blocks and built a custom Advent tree to hold each tiny box of surprises. She made a video to show you how.

Linda Littmer

Linda Kittmer used lots of techniques, bright colors and text clips to make this self-portrait block. Good to meet you Linda!

Leslie Tucker JamesonLeslie Tucker Jameson- inside

Leslie Tucker Jenison's block is decorated inside and out- Can't decide which one I like better- rich colors and more inside!

Kirsten Reed- artopoly

Kirsten Reed did an artist's version of Monopoly. These are so clever- my favorite side is Go to Jail- check it out.


Marjie Kemper used four inspiring words and a 3D flower to embellish her bright and happy block. Cool!

mary Nasser 2

Mary C. Nasser created a set of blocks based on map stencils and used some cool gold embossing paste to add extra oomph!


Amy Bowerman used so many wow techniques I don't even know where to begin... but you need to stop by and get the scoop! Cute birdie!


Maria McGuire's block are pink and gold- yum! She repeated the stencil design on each side of the block to create a stack of encouraging words to remember.

SG block-sq

Eileen Hull went out of her comfort zone and tried her hand at creating some art. The stencils provided a great design framework to jump off.


On The Artists on the Block blog today, check out what Elmer the Elf has created in his little workshop (you will crack up at the poses). There's also a BIG GIVEAWAY going on.... For more Artist Trading Block inspiration you can find The Artists on the Block on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Thanks for staying with me for this long post. Happy Holidays to you all!


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