Available Now on Sizzix.com: Spring 2018 Quilting Dies!

What an amazing season it's been! If you got a chance to see us at Quilt Market this year, you may have caught a glimpse of our newest collection, but we're so excited to say you can now get your hands on your favorite quilting dies starting TODAY on Sizzix.com! You can create SEW many things with our new dies- from craft room storage to softies to fascinating quilting patterns. Let's dive into all the details below!

Sew Sweetness

Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness has done it again! creating bags by hand can be tedious when you have to cut a few different layers, but Sara has created the Dumpling Bag die to help cut down on that process (get it?) Sara's entire collection is perfect for creating bags that you can finish in a snap, but this Dumpling Bag is quickly becoming our favorite. With a flat bottom construction and a wide mouth, you'll love how easy it is to fill it up with zero chance of toppling over!

Jennifer Jangles

Jennifer Jangles new set of dies will have you in good cheer. She's brought us ANOTHER set of amazing softies for us to make with and this time, it's Christmas inspired! But have we told you the best part yet? These softies all come on ONE die!

In addition to softies, there is also a brand new Sewing Room die that is perfect for creating motifs and appliques. We can't wait to create with this awesome new collection!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe

The modern quilting master is back and you won't want to miss these awesome dies. Victoria's new Flip Side die give you a ton of variation, so no quilt ever looks the same (unless you want it to, of course.)

If you're a fan of smaller pieces but not so much a fan of cramping your hand cutting them all out, like Victoria, you're going to want to take a look at her brand new Facets die! With this die, you get small pieces, perfectly measured and ready to cut! Just add fabric.

E . L Smith

Available Now on Sizzix.com: Spring 2018 Quilting Dies!

Do you find it difficult to create boy-themed quilts and makes? We get it, there's not always a lot of variety just for boys. E.L. Smith has helped a little bit in that area and we're so excited to share her latest die featuring a variation of Fire Trucks, Cars and Tow Trucks!

Lynda Kanase

Available Now on Sizzix.com: Spring 2018 Quilting Dies!

Helping add a little something green to our collection is Lynda Kanase, who has been engulfed by the Succulent trend like most of us here. Lynda's new Barrel Cactus die creates a rich sharp piece of trendy decor you don't have to worry about watering, and that's just how we like it!

Katelyn Lizardi

There's no drama llama here, just an adorable one! We're bringing a little bit of Peru to our collection of quilting dies with Katelyn Lizardi's newest addition. From softies to home decor, this little llama is perfect for anything! Click the video to peep Lynda Kanase's Cactus die too!

Kid Giddy

Kid Giddy is bringing the style! Two new dies with five possible combinations...that's the kind of math we like to do. Get your 18" doll ready for bed with the cutest little Tank and Bloomers. But the fun doesn't stop there, Kid Giddy has also thought of the shoes! Create sandals, sneakers, or slip on shoes.

Which die are you most excited to try right NOW? Let us know! We love hearing from you and we can't wait to see all the amazing new projects you create! Remember, these dies are up for grabs, check them out and don't miss some more inspiration over on our YouTube quilting playlist