Beware of This Village Manor: A Spooky Mixed Media Make!

Sizzix Haunted House Beauty Shot

Come in, relax and sit for a spell. There’s a tale of woe I’m about to tell. Paper, dies and stains to spray, walk through the doors to keep the spooks at bay. This Village Manor was once grand and true, now run down, haunted and visited by few.  Enter if you dare… follow me the Queen of Halloween. Beware, beware.

Sizzix Haunted House  1

Are you still here?  OK Phew, you made it.  Don’t be scared as I walk you through the making of this Haunted Manor.  Create your own look with watercolor paper and Distress Spray Stains.  Spray the watercolor paper with water first then add the distress spray stains

Sizzix- Haunted House 2

I used various Distress Spray Stains, seedless preserves, hickory smoke, black soot and iced spruce.  For good measure I spritzed some twisted citron.  Use your heat gun to dry.  Don’t be alarmed by the pastel look for this haunted manor.  These are merely base colors… like the peeling wall paper in any haunted manor.

Sizzix- Haunted House 3

Are you still with me?  Once your watercolor paper is all dry, cut using the Village Dwelling die and Village Manor.  Then go to town and start cutting the Village Rooftops.  For the rooftops I cut sandpaper I picked up from the dollar store!  Make extra… since you’re cutting anyway.

Sizzix- Haunted House 4

Here’s where it gets fun… stay with me now!  Using distress inks ground espresso, hickory smoke and brushed corduroy begin inking over the cut pieces.  Don’t be shy here… get grungy!

Sizzix- Haunted House 5

Let’s make some wood plank texture with the Splats & Wood Planks Texture Fade folder.  Emboss and sand the lines to expose that rundown wood facade.  Add some ground espresso in the sanded grain.

Sizzix- Haunted House 6

I cut the doors off inked and embossed those too.  There’s a lot of die cutting going on so I made some extra inky paper for more cuts.  It only takes moments to create the look you want.  I used up some more sandpaper for the windows and widows peak railings… I can call it that right?  It wasn’t the right color so I sprayed it with black soot.  I love it when I look like I know what I’m doing!

Sizzix- Haunted House 7

OK… here’s where all the fun happens.  All those little details are where you can really throw your creativity around.  Like making the wee chimney stacks look like rock with stencils and texture paste.  I decided my blue sandpaper rooftops needed more black.  A little light spray should do the trick.

Sizzix- Haunted House 8

Just look at all those cuts.  Thank goodness Sizzix has the instructions in the packing.  It really helps to keep things from getting out of control!  Start assembling your pieces to get that right haunted look.  Don’t forget to add your creepy embellished details.  This is where I have fun!

Sizzix Haunted House 9

Spanish moss placed around the base of the haunted manor, on the rooftops and creeping up the sides really created a creepy vibe.

Sizzix Haunted House 10

I used a couple of doors and the front door “posts” from the Village DwellingThis creates a boarded up look on the windows by simply cutting them in half.  No need to cut more paper.  Just use your dies.

Sizzix Haunted House 11

Pull back on some of the shingles.  The rooftop will start to look like it’s falling apart.

Sizzix Haunted House 12

Attention to detail here with the stone look chimney.

Sizzix Haunted House 13

Check out those doors.  By cutting them in half I was able to create a broken look.  I know you’re dying to come in!

Sizzix Haunted House 14

I use hot glue when assembling my dwellings.  Here’s why… I am incredibly impatient and apparently I am OK with burning my finger tips off.  Usually, I pull off all the stringy bits.  But hey it’s Halloween.  Keep those gluey stringy entrails for a spider web look.

Sizzix Haunted House 15

Add the spanish moss to all the nooks and crannies.  A… it looks super cool and B… hide any imperfections and gaps!  Not that I have any imperfections and gaps… :/

Sizzix Haunted House 16

Are you ready to get Haunted!

I know, it’s only the end of August and some of you might be rolling your eyes thinking… Halloween Already!  Ummmm YA, Halloween is my Christmas and I ready to dive into pumpkins, bats and zombie dies!  Besides, if I did add a palm tree it would have bats hanging off it anyway.

Thanks for taking my spooky creative journey.  I hope I gave you some inspiration and ideas for your upcoming haunt.  Keep it Creepy!

Cheers, Nicole


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13 thoughts on “Beware of This Village Manor: A Spooky Mixed Media Make!”

  • Donna

    I am still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor! Amazing!

  • sandy holmquist
    sandy holmquist Aug 31, 2016 at 11:41 am

    Wow!!! Nicole, you make me want to like Halloween! Your projects are always so inspiring!

  • Claudia

    Wow! You really have outdone yourself on this one! Love all the yummy texture, the colours and how spooky your manor looks! A brilliant and fun Halloween make. So inspiring!

    Claudia x

  • Anne R

    Nicole, I am in Halloween heaven!! This is incredible!

  • Sharon Young

    Wow! That was spooky. Thanks for being our guide into the depths of the haunted mansion. So many twists and turns but you kept us all safe. Phew! Fabulously spooky and fun. Grunge away! Looking forward to seeing what's next for the Halloween village.

  • Lucy

    I have been waiting on this project. I love the texture - I wondered how you did that. I love the grunginess of it especially in the roof tiles. Sandpaper is great idea for this project. Thank you so much.

    • nicole

      Hi Lucy

      To create layers of texture I used various distress spray's and stains. Then creating a wood siding look with the Wood Plank Texture Fade. Sanding and more inking. Using the stencils and texture paste further adds to more texture. I love creating layers of inks and texture.

      Have fun getting messy!

  • Sandra


  • Annette Green
    Annette Green Sep 01, 2016 at 03:30 am

    Nicole, I totally LOVE your take on the Village Manor. Clever use of the texture fades and I adore the boarded up windows. I wouldn't go near this place if it were in my neighborhood. Perfectly spooky!

  • Kim

    This was so cool. Almost have me loving Halloween as much as Christmas. (Never, lol) I really loved the shingles and the details with the moss. Especially the creeper over the door.

  • Julia Aston

    So, so cool! what great techniques to make this look so creepily haunted!! I'll be case'ing this for sure!!

  • Cyndy

    I am wondering if you just used watercolor paper for the sides of the house or if you used chipboard or something thicker than paper. Thank you! Can't wait to start my Village Manor!

    • nicole

      Hey Cyndy

      I did use watercolour paper for the Manor. It holds up really well. Have fun creating your manor!

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