Boho chic is the perfect theme for summer parties! From hanging decorations to macramé accessories, we've got all the ideas you need to stay on trend and will show you how to do it all on a budget!

DIY Table Settings

Boho themes are ideal if you lack seating for guests! A great hack is to use wooden pallets as your table and cover the ground with rugs and cushions. Macramé cushions are an ideal soft craft project, which will give you the texture and color palette to create the perfect boho look.,,


Transforming your Garden

An essential to any party is lots of decorations, so here's how you can transform your garden into a boho paradise with DIY makes! Our favorite ideas include upcycling mason jars into hanging paper flower displays, creating your own dreamcatchers, and displaying polaroid images around trees or walls for a stunning effect.,,


Gorgeous Tipis   

Tipis are a summer favorite! Not just for kids, decorative tipis can make the ideal relaxing area for your party to give lots of boho glam, or even as a centrepiece to hold presents! Tipis can be embellished with die-cut felt appliqué for a true boho feel.,


Beautiful Photo Backdrops

Take your party to the next level with Instagram worthy photo backdrops. Depending on your needs, you can make them as extravagant as you wish. An easy to create DIY backdrop can be made by hanging paper flowers from a simple frame using some garden twine or yarn. Alternatively, a unique and quirky backdrop can be made from old photo frames you may have lying about, which can be embellished with paper flowers for a boho feel.


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