Hello! My name is Tami and I am so happy to have Sizzix invite me back as a guest blogger for Tim Holtz® Chapter 1 dies for 2020. Tim and Sizzix have again outdone themselves with some absolutely delightful dies. The Bunny Hop dies inspired me to make this piece. My grandmother used to read Beatrix Potter stories to me when I was little, and that memory prompted me to make a mini version of Mr. McGregor's Garden using Sizzix Tim Holtz® dies.

Products used:

Sizzix Thinlits - Bunny Hop (664421)

Sizzix Bigz XL w/ Framelits - Curio Box by Tim Holtz (664419)

Sizzix Thinlits - Crochet #2 (664413)

Sizzix Bigz - Potted (664184)

Texture Fades Embossing Folder 3D - Lumber (662718)

Sizzix Thinlits Funky Florals - (662700)

Distress Inks

Distress Crackle Paste

Distress Paints

Silver Metallic Kraftstock

Idea-ology Mini Pulley Wheels

Idea-ology Collage Paper Stash (alphabet card)

Idea-ology Word Bands

Idea-ology Hardware Heads

Sizzix Mat Board or chipboard

Green moss


  1. Cut a Curio Box from heavy cardstock and mat board. Cut an additional piece of mat board to fit inside the top of the curio box. Assemble the box with the additional piece of mat board. This should give you a sturdy box as a base.
  2. Make several pieces of kraft paper into 3D Lumber. To make it look old and mossy, put some Distress Peeled Paint in a few spots on each paper, and some Distress Picket Fence Paint in some spots on the paper. Then add some brown Distress Ink to the paper and dry. Before running it through the 3D Lumber folder, put some Ground Espresso Distress Archival ink on the raised areas of the folder. Then run through a die cutting machine to emboss.
  3. Cut the Lumber pieces into strips where the lines are and attach them to the outside of the Curio Box with Distress Collage Medium, to make it look like a wooden box.
  4. Smear some Distress Crackle Texture Paste to the Idea-ology Mini Pulley Wheels. Once dry, paint with Hickory Smoke and Walnut Stain Distress Paint. Turn the Curio Box over so the bottom is facing up and attach these to the bottom of the Curio Box with Distress Collage Medium. Let dry.

5. Cut several of the same Crochet 2 die. Pick the one you think looks the most like a small fence. Spread a little Distress Crackle Texture Paste on each crochet piece. Let dry. Spread some Picket Fence Distress Paint here and there on the crochet piece. Once dry, Ink with Walnut Stain and Pumice Stone Distress Ink, spray with water so it soaks in the cracks, then dry. Attach to the upper edge of the Curio Box. I left a space in the center of the front of the box to give the feel of a gate or entrance.

6. Add just a tiny bit of moss all around the inside edge of the Crochet fence.

7.  For the backdrop, cut a "metal bucket" from the Potted die set using mat board and Silver Metallic Kraftstock. Once it is assembled, sand it and add some distress by wiping some Distress Paint over it and wiping it off. Cut an extra potted die from the Kraftstock to adhere to the back side to form a pocket. To attach this bucket in a standing position, take a piece of mat board and fold it in an L shape. Adhere the vertical piece to the back of the bucket and the horizontal piece to the top right corner of the box.

8. I cut the Rabbit card from the piece of alphabet cards paper in the Idea-ology Collage Paper Stash. This step is optional. I did adhere mat board to the back of the card then adhered it with the L-shaped piece of mat board so it would stand up on the left back corner of the box.

9. To make the cabbages, I colored both sides of two pieces of Distress Mixed Media Heavystock paper, one with green Distress Inks and one with purple Distress Inks. Then I picked two of the flower shaped dies from Funky Florals then cut them several times from both the green and the purple papers.

10. Spray the flowers with water and crinkle up into balls, then uncrinkle them. Put some Distress Collage medium in the center of one of the flowers, then put a green bead in the center and carefully squeeze the flower petals around the bead until they almost meet at the top. Hold and keep forming it around the bead until it stays on its own. Do this to all of one type of flower you cut. Then put more Distress Collage Medium in the center of the second flower, and gently press the petals up around the first one. Don't press this one so tightly as you want the tops of this layer to peel back a little to form the outside of the cabbage. These are so much fun to make! Have fun experimenting with this unexpected use for Funky Florals!

11. For the carrots, cut the oval leaf shape in Funky Florals 1 from Heavystock colored with orange Distress Ink. Then put some Distress Collage Medium in the center of the back and roll it up with one pointy end to form a carrot. Trim the other end to be the top of the carrot.

12. Cut the grass looking die and the tiny fern looking die in Funky Florals 1 from another piece of Heavystock colored with green Distress Inks. Cut the fern pieces in half and attach to the top of the carrots to make the green carrot tops. Attach the green grass pieces in the top of the bucket made earlier.

13. Color two pieces of Distress Heavystock with some brown Distress inks in the colors you want for your rabbits. Cut all three rabbits in Bunny Hop from one piece of Heavystock. Then cut all three again but on the backside of the second piece of paper so that you can adhere them together and they will be sturdy and have the same color on the front and the back.

14. Now we are ready to assemble. Begin by trimming one of the rabbits and tucking it into the bucket with its hands peeking over the lip of the bucket and the grass behind.

15. Attach one of the rabbits behind the card so it is peeking out on the left side. If you choose not to use a card, just put the rabbit in the back corner by itself.

16. Attach a heavy piece of wire to the foot of one of the rabbits, then poke a hole in the center near the front of the box. Add some Collage Medium and gently put the wire through the hole. Hold the rabbit in place until it stands on its own. Add just a tiny piece of moss around the foot. Add a little moss around the Rabbit card and the bucket too.

17. Start arranging the cabbages and the carrots on the top of the box and adhere with Collage Medium. I added a few behind the bucket and rabbit card just for me.

18. The last touch is to pick a Word Band. Put Picket Fence Distress Paint on it so that it goes into the letters. Carefully wipe off the excess. Do the same to the hardware heads. Add a little Walnut Stain Distress paint (the tiniest amount!) here and there to add to the ageing. Attach the hardware heads to each side of the band and then attach the entire piece to the center front of the box. I picked a word band that talked about living the life you've dreamed because I thought these bunnies were doing just that in spite of Mr. McGregor.

That's the whole of it. As I said before, this is a really fun piece to put together and once you start making those little cabbages from the Funky Florals you won't want to stop! I hope you enjoyed this little tour through Mr. McGregor's Garden.