Decorating with Kids: Reversible Cat Pumpkin Softie!

Hi! It’s Jen from The Smitten Chicken! Today, I am sharing something that I love to do: decorate for the holidays. I love the holidays—all of them! I have a lot of fun decorations that I bring out for Fall and Halloween, but many of my decorations are breakable. As someone with a lot of kids, this is not a good combination—kids and breakables, right? I started leaving the breakables packed away, but I still missed some of my favorite decorations.

So I came up with a new solution: kid-friendly decorations!

With decorations that the kids can touch and play with, I can still put up my favorite decorations (high and out of reach) without a worry. My kids are so distracted by the fun and friendly decorations, they leave the others alone. It’s a win-win!

That’s why I was thrilled to find the Sizzix Cat-Pumpkin Bigz L Die! Each die-cut is a perfect decoration for children. My own kids went crazy playing with this. The coolest part? It’s reversible! My kids love that the die can be a cat!

Or a pumpkin!

They are always flipping it inside out.  I never know which one it will be when I walk past.

Do you want to make your décor more kid friendly?  Then you need to make one of these ASAP!  These are the supplies you will need:

Kid Giddy is the designer of this super-cute die. You can watch her tutorial at!

Once you complete your Cat Pumpkin Softie, you can share your creations! I love sharing my creations with my kids. Doesn’t this look like so much fun? It’s a cat!

It’s a pumpkin, too!

And guess what? This decoration won’t break. Mission accomplished!

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Good luck decorating with the kids!

Chirp Out!


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