Catch A Sneak Peak At New Framelits w/Stamps!

When we say you're only getting a "sneak peak," we really mean it. Our new Framelits Die Set w/ Stamps collection is packed filled with dozens of new die sets, but we can only show you some of our favorites! We want to talk about all of them as much as you do, but alas, a sneak peak is a sneak peak. Let's see what wonderful and cute Framelits w/Stamps that we have in store!

[gallery size="large" ids="45290,45289"]

Order yourself up a Unicorn with a side of Fries with these adorable Yummy Treats and Unicorn Framelits Die Set w/ Stamps. We have many other cute, trendy designs in this collection and we can't say much (cough llamas cough), but we're certain that you would love them. For now though, this unicorn and smiling french fry is enough.

[gallery size="large" ids="45285,45274"]

Don't think we only have little novelty designs either! We have all sorts of themes and designs that are suited for all styles of crafting. We also have these amazing sentiments, like the ones shown above, that come in calligraphy-like typography and more.

There is so much more to this collection that we want to show you, but we both have to be patient and wait! In the meantime, don't forget to share your makes with us by using #sharewithsizzix on our social media pages! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest)

Remember to keep updated with us for more information about this new collection and more. Happy Crafting, Makers!

Happy Crafting, Makers!