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  • 10 Summertime Boredom Busters Kids Will Love (and So Will Their Parents)

    10 Summertime Boredom Busters Kids Will Love (and So Will Their Parents)

    Summertime is fun time, especially if you’re a kid looking forward to days and weeks free of school, teachers and homework! For parents, though, long summer days can be a real challenge. It won’t be long before the grumpy refrain, “I’m bored,” starts to pop up again and again. How do you keep kids entertained without surrendering to endless hours of tv and video games? We’ve got the solution right here, with a selection of arts and crafts projects that are not only fun, but imaginative and stimulating. Seriously, these ideas are so creative, you’ll want to do them too!

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  • 15 Sweet Springtime Makes With Sharyn Sowell's Past Collection


    We are so glad Spring is finally here. We've been looking forward to adding a personal touch to our tea parties, making some colorful DIYs and creating a lot of ocean-inspired decor. Do you know which collection we're using for this season's makes? Sharyn Sowell's trendy and intricate dies from her past collections! Come see how these products can add that sweet touch of Spring in your makes.

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  • 10 Spring DIY's with Brenda Walton's Favorite Things


    10 Spring DIY's with Brenda Walton's Favorite Things

    Brenda Walton’s Favorite Things collection has that Spring sunshine you’ve been looking for. Whether it is for Weddings, Birthdays, or just for fun these dies are what you need to give life a little flair. With all the different varieties, the crafting possibilities are endless. We have put together a few fun ideas for you to use on those April shower days. Spring into action crafters!

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  • Sew Cute with Walmart: Cherry Pouch

    Sew Cute With Walmart: Cherry Pouch

    You'll cherry much like this DIY project! These fun fabrics make the cutest little pouch. You can use it for anything!

    Follow these steps:

    Starting your project:

    1. Sew a pair of white print and green gingham Half-Square Triangles right sides together along the diagonal seam to form a square block.
    2. Repeat with the remaining three sets of Half-Square Triangles. Press.
    3. Using the photo as a guide, lay...
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  • Sew Cute With Walmart: Kitty Dress

    Sew Cute With Walmart: Kitty Dress

    Cats are all the rage! Any little youngster would love this outgoing design. The options are endless with the pocket placements, color choices, and dress design. You can use your creativity to make the kitty look any way they want on this dress.

    Getting started is a piece of cake- Follow these simple steps and your kid will look catastic!

    Piecing your project together:

    1. Place the eyes, nose and ...
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