• 10 Things for Your Summer Bucket List

    10 Things for Your Summer Bucket List

    The days are longer, the nights are hotter…there’s no denying summer is here at last! Don’t waste a moment of this precious season being bored. Make a bucket list of all the fun things you don’t want to miss this summer and you’ll never run out of inspiration for a good time. To help you out, we’ve put together our own list of our favorite activities for summer fun. What’s on your list?

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  • Get Hip For Summer With Tim Holtz!

    Tim Holtz Hipsters

    "SUP" Makers? Have you had a "SWEET" start to summer?  We're pretty stoked ourselves, this is definitely one of our favorite seasons, not just personally, but for our makes as well. We decided that we needed to add an "EPIC" twist to our creations this summer with Tim Holtz, and things are about to get a little "CRAY"... are you ready to get HIP with Tim?

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  • What 13 Creative Moms Told Us

    Happy Mother's Day! Today, we're celebrating all you who are Moms and makers. You all are the unspoken superheroes of our Crafting World, making the balance of "mommy life" and "maker's gonna make" life seem flawless and easy. We asked some of our Design Team members, as well as members of our Art Department here at Sizzix what they found to be important in balancing being both a maker and a mom....

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  • 15 Sweet Springtime Makes With Sharyn Sowell's Past Collection


    We are so glad Spring is finally here. We've been looking forward to adding a personal touch to our tea parties, making some colorful DIYs and creating a lot of ocean-inspired decor. Do you know which collection we're using for this season's makes? Sharyn Sowell's trendy and intricate dies from her past collections! Come see how these products can add that sweet touch of Spring in your makes.

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  • 10 Spring DIY's with Brenda Walton's Favorite Things


    10 Spring DIY's with Brenda Walton's Favorite Things

    Brenda Walton’s Favorite Things collection has that Spring sunshine you’ve been looking for. Whether it is for Weddings, Birthdays, or just for fun these dies are what you need to give life a little flair. With all the different varieties, the crafting possibilities are endless. We have put together a few fun ideas for you to use on those April shower days. Spring into action crafters!

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